Abbaye cistercienne de villelongue

Concerts in the Abbey of Villelongue

For the last twenty years the Association of the Friends of the Abbey of Villelongue has offered a cultural programme of the highest quality which is appreciated by a knowledgeable and loyal public : classical music, Jazz concerts and exhibitions, to mention but a few.

The walls of the Abbey, accustomed to eight centuries of silence now resonnate each summer to the sounds of music, ranging from early music from the Middle-Ages to the music of today.

In the last three years Jazz fans have also been able to enjoy an evening of music .

Concerts in the Abbey of Villelongue

The Abbaye de Villelongue is one of the venues of :

Animations Programmes in 2018

Mon, 07 May 2018

Mystères et secrets (la fabuleuse histoire de Béranger Saunière)

Un avant gout du spectacle présenté par "Le Théâtre dans les vignes de Couffoulens".

Une création théâtrale bucolique, mystérieuse, drôle, dramatique, onirique. 


A 18 h
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